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Concrete Repairs & Epoxy Floor Coatings

Melbourne’s Premier Concrete Repairs and Epoxy Floor Coatings Service!

When it comes to specialists in flooring solutions, from repairing damaged concrete floors to laying out new epoxy coatings, Betterseal are the professionals to call.

With over fifteen years experience, we only employ the best in the business. Our highly trained staff have the on-hand experience, the essential qualifications and the knowledge to provide the right floor solution for all conditions. Our exceptional team work throughout Melbourne, Greater Victoria and will fly interstate for larger more expansive projects.

You know why? Because here at Betterseal we understand that when a business stops, it is going to hurt itself in the long run; that’s why we will work around your timetable. Whether it is in the evening, the weekend and even on public holidays, our services are available whenever you want them.

epoxy flooring melbourne

Throughout Melbourne, commercial and industrial enterprises have now begun choosing epoxy coating and flooring of having bare and sealed concrete floors. The reasons are simple: a clean-cut slick appearance, easy maintenance, strong resistance to hazardous chemicals, safe anti-slippery and clean hygienic materials. Compared to concrete, which gathers dust and is more difficult to maintain over a long period of time, epoxy coating is fantastic for the long-term.

When it comes to the ideal coating for a wide range of floors, including warehouses, corridors, showrooms and offices, you cannot go past epoxy coatings. With superior endurance, durability and a strong resistance to floor damaging materials, epoxy coatings also offer protection thanks to its anti-slip properties. All our epoxy coatings are designed to suit our client’s requirements.

Working with our clients, we will provide them with an in-depth analysis about the status of their floors, if they are damaged or dangerous, and from there, we give our clients options, from repair to replacement.

With a wide range of floor options available, Betterseal are truly the specialists of finding flooring solutions. To get your floor assessed, please call Jeremy and he will be very happy to assist you with all your flooring solution needs.

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